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Rearing of beef breeds bulls

Farma Kozak ltd.

Pavel Kozák’s company manages approximately 350 hectares of agricultural land and is located on a farm Ostry near Jistebnice, District Tabor in South Bohemia.

From the geomorphological point of view, this is one area in the hills of Central Bohemia, district Jistebnice Highlands, established as natural park in 1994. Elevation ranges from 500-650 m. The average annual temperature is 5-6 ° C and average rainfall is 700-800 mm.

Most of the agricultural land is used for grazing beef cattle that the company deals with. The breeds are dominated by Charolais and Limousine, in a lesser extent are represented by other beef breeds (Blonde d'Aquitaine, Belgian Blue, Beef Simental, Aberdeen Angus, Piemontese).

The entire herd is growing, either through natural breeding or embryo transfer, which is used by Mr. Kozak to enrich genetics, otherwise hardly accessible in the CR. Heifers born this way serve as a rich genetic material for the quality improvement of the whole herd. Bulls on the contrary, after meeting all relevant criteria, travel for rearing and testing to OPB Cunkov. After finishing the tests and after basic selection they become available as sires.

Mr. Kozak is also a successful horse breeder of Quarter Horse.




Farma Kozak offers

sale of breeding animals
mediate purchase and sale of cattle
sales of embryos 

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